MSCC won by 2 runs

Match Date & Time

Date Time Season
July 19, 2023 6:00 pm 2023

Match Report

Study the past if you would divine the future – Confucius

There are those among our number who like to refer back to the games from previous seasons. Recent matches with St Clements Strollers, a team made up from alumni of Magdalene College School, had been comfortable victories. Having scored 131 runs from their 20 overs Middleton were contemplating a straightforward victory, more so as early wickets tumbled in the second innings.  A late rally by the visiting lower order lead to a much closer finish than most expected, the egg was cracked and ready to spread on the faces of the over confident.

St Clement’s Strollers had very slow bowlers.

Sharma and Lumb were giving it some

Both gave it a clout and neither was out

and had to retire.


It took Jamie to play the shot of day,

A drive over mid off that really took off,

As he held the pose, the ball rose and rose

Its in the next Parish.


Neither could grouse as next man was House

Howard, his mate was out of gate,

The century posted ‘fore Tim was toasted

Stumped by a mile.


Arvin at five hoped he would thrive

with shots all around and a thunderous drive

but it wasn’t to be as he only scored three.

Not out though.


Guy Ashton was guesting and had come from afar

In Wykemist jumper and very smart car

What could he add, this exuberant lad?

Run out without facing.


St Clements Strollers were up against bowlers 

 Norley and Barton.  The seamers betwixt 

Were to bowl the first six. 

Batters looked set


The visiting bats were on the attack

The gaps in the field were all too revealed

Two slips became one, as the batters did run

Turning ones into twos.


One that kept low struck the first blow

Nicked bottom edge, plain as could be

Barton the bowler reacted with glee.

The batsman was grumpy.


Howard was stationed facing the sun

Awaiting for what must inevitably come

Safe as houses he pouched, some say with aplomb

The first of two catches.


With some under twenty

There were youngsters aplenty

Keen to add pace as they started to chase

the first innings total.


Sathya and Guy were given a try

to show that some spin was a good way to win.

Tom Pickford at three just couldn’t see

How to score fast.


With gloves moving sharply, as  a heel did rise

Pickford stumped out, you needed sharp eyes,

Next man was the skipper who made no disguise

of attacking intentions.


Guy threw the ball high as a challenging ploy

Hit me far if you dare, you impudent boy

The bowler suggested, then jumping for joy

As ball hit the stumps.


Wickets kept falling, a run out by skipper

Howard a catch, bowled by Arvin, a ripper,

Then Robby to bowl, first ball was a zipper.

Game over for sure……


Adam and Ben, numbers seven and ten

checked the board, checked their guard and started again

hitting out, running fast and suddenly then

just eight needed.


Sam to bowl, field spread  its another close game

“Keep them down” , “Pitch it up”  and  more  advice came 

From all quarters , for the batters to tame.

And he did.


At the end of the match it was Rona (with Pete)

Who once again cooked the barbeque meat

While waiting at bar and ready to greet 

Were Andrew and Howard.


Thanks to Eliot,  Richard and Chris with his pen

Who kept us informed, up to date once again

It was quite a miracle we had eleven men

and we won by two runs.








Bowling O M R W
Sam Norley40141
Rob Barton30121
Sathya Vadivale30192
Arvind Sharma30191
Guy Ashton40341
Tim Riley10110
Robby Prior20191

St Clements Strollers




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