Pre-season clean up at Middleton Stoney Cricket Club

Pre-season clean up: Sat April 8th

As the sleet continues to fall from slate grey skies it must be time for the club to wake up from its winter slumbers. Cricket is due to begin in less than five weeks time. Much needs to done to ready the ground and pavilion. In your fixture card you will have spotted that the task force day is Sunday April 9, Easter Sunday. This is possibly not the most convenient date. Therefore we have decided that the few days leading up to the Easter weekend will be days when work parties can be raised. 

Below is a list of some of the jobs that need to be done and some of the members who have already volunteered. Please look at the list and decide where you can help. Then go to the club members Whatsapp group and liaise to find a suitable time. 

Indoor tasks 

Cleaning Glassware, crockery and cutlery;               Andrew and Rona

Deep cleaning Fridges, Freezers and sinks              Tim H

Cobweb and spider removal                                       Mark F L

Polishing brass plaques on benches

Outdoor tasks

Square and outfield cutting, rolling, scarfying etc      Paul W, Tim R , P V K

Removal of leaf collection from toilet roofs                P V K

Replacement of broken roof panel                            P V K

Putting out the boundary rope

Roses and Dahlias                                                     Mark S

The big task

Pressure wash the sightscreens and put in place     Tim R

Thanks in advance for your help.

Tim R