Michael Martin photo of the year 2021 Seril Shah. THOUGHTS FROM OUTSIDE THE ROPE

Thoughts from outside the rope

Are You Ready?

Spectators are vitally important to the atmosphere of MS cricket and the players have been working feverishly to create a welcoming environment for the first Sunday game this week. The grass has been mown and the outfield smells delicious. The rain has been banished over OX25 4JF until after the 17th of September so even if you dislike cricket, you can top up your intake of vitamin D. The benches have been painted and cushions plumped. The BBQ cleaned and sausages ordered. The fridges are groaning with beer, cider and chilled white wine and the finest cricket tea makers in the whole of Oxfordshire have been booked.  (although the tea is primarily for players and umpires the club ethos of wasting nothing might mean that you are required to hoover up any lonely sandwiches and/or cake).

So what can we expect this season?

The return to the playing field of our Chairman Peter VdK

More Bazball than Boycott

Our own Ashes match on Friday 28th July

Team and individual triumphs in bowling, batting and fielding

More wins than losses

A chance to catch up with neighbours and friends. Since we last gathered, the country has gone to the dogs so plenty of time to sort it out between overs.

No burnt sausages (except for the one for George Lamb)

How have pre-season preparations gone?

The players are fit (ish) and raring to go. They wintered well and began their strict training regime in the dark cold months by watching the televised tests against Pakistan and New Zealand. This involved late nights and early mornings so stamina shouldn’t be a problem. Using a bat and ball started in earnest last week but unfortunately nets were cancelled due to inclement weather. No problem for some who are natural athletes or who play at school or university. For others visualisation and crossed fingers is the next best. This should make for an interesting season.

Just a reminder.

The first game is Sunday 16th April against Bampton in the Bush.

Start time 1.30pm with tea taken at 4.00pm.

The weather cloudy 15 degrees.

April 2023

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