Kebabs with Kerkhof

Kebabs with Kerkhof

MSCC Pre Season Meal
Denis Restaurant – Sheep Street, Bicester
Friday 14th April 2023 – 7.30pm
£30 Each

• Turkish Meze Platter
Falafel Grilled Hellim Cheese, Kisir, Aubergine salad, Borek, Humus

1 • Mixed Grill
Lamb Chop, Köfte, Lamb and Chicken Sis, Served with Rice & Salad

2 • Chicken Breast
Grilled Chicken on a Potato Cake with Red Pepper & Thyme Sauce

3 • Lamb Shank
With Chive-Mashed Potatoes, Served with Fresh Vegetable Sauce.

4 • Mantar Gȕveҫ
Mushrooms Cooked in Clay dish with Onions and Herbs.

5 • Grilled Fillet of Sea Bass
With Dauphinoise Potatoes, Salad, Mushrooms & Lemon Sauce

Traditional Turkish Dessert: Made of Layers of Filo Pastry
Filled with Nuts and Sweetened with Syrup. Served with
Vanilla ice Cream

Crème Brûlèe
Served with Fresh Strawberry & Raspberry Sauce.

To book your place please e-mail Mike Simpson on [email protected] confirming your choice of Main Course and Pudding.
Please pay online to MSCC sort code: 51-70-15 account: 01820028
Please write “Meal” as your reference so that it does not get confused with Subs.