MSCC v Jesters 2023

MSCC won by 1 runs

Match Date & Time

Date Time Season
August 20, 2023 1:30 pm 2023

Match Report

MSCC v Jesters (and Guesters )


There are some days when all aspects of club sport come together to make a simple game into an occasion. This was one of those days. The story begins on Monday evening when the Jesters alerted us to their problems in finding eleven fit bodies to fulfill the fixture. In fact they were struggling to find half a dozen, but they did promise to bring an umpire. 

Middleton Stoney’s availability for the fixture was unusually good so it was agreed that four of the home team would play for the Jesters. Meanwhile the Lionesses had qualified for the World Cup Final. The suggestion came that the final could be viewed at Middleton Park and that a barbeque lunch would be provided. Rona, Andrew, Seril and Tim H went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that hospitality was provided for both teams. Thank you all.

As the second half got underway Paul and Tim R ensured that the pitch and outfield were in order. Some willing helpers moved the sightscreens into position and we all forgot to bring the boundary in a little closer.

Shaun Moss was to make both his debut for the club and to play his first game with his son Finlay. To witness the occasion a Septet of Mosses were there to watch, including Finlay’s Grandfather and Great-Grandfather.  Finlay is the youngest active of the team, not quite yet a teenager, Paul Wordsworth is the oldest and they were to play in the same side, and later to combine in taking a vital wicket.

It was very much a family day with a selection of Sharmas and trios of Lumbs and Dipples, (including Sam “Kineivel” Dipple racing around on his bike) . When the sun shone later in the day on the picnic blankets under the oak tree bygone days of Old England were recalled.

Mark F- L, Howard, Jamie Lumb and Seril were the players who graciously agreed to play for the opposition, who had hoped to have seven of their own, but in fact only had six. Middleton won the toss and put Jesters in. Matt Dipple and Tim House shared the new ball, Jamie Lumb was asked to open for the Jesters and was soon away, clipping a leg stump half volley over square leg for a boundary.

Tim was thrice unlucky, a nick through the vacant second slip, a ball which all but clipped the off stump and a chance spilled at mid off . He was parsimonious and only conceded 7 runs in his 5 overs.

Jamie, after advancing down the pitch to strike a second boundary, misjudged the length of a Dipple off cutter and was bowled. Mark F-L replaced him. The legendary Dipple leg break was delivered, Mark cut it away for 3 – the boundary was quite a long way away. A third wicket fell when Mark wisely turned down a single to Anirudh Sharma, lurking at backward point, the throw was true and a second opener was dismissed. 

This brought Howard to the wicket, so that two of the guests were batting together. Trying to accelerate, perhaps too soon in his innings, Mark clubbed the ball to mid off where Finlay held a good catch. The partnership was a short one. 

Robin Cumming replaced Tim House. Howard was facing, Howard who had been appointed as Robin’s chauffeur for the day. It would not do to get your lift home out first ball, but that nearly happened as Howard was taken by surprise by the prodigious inswing. Howard jabbed down just in time.

Finlay came on after Matt Dipple completed his seven over spell. His first four balls, also to Howard were text book; good line, good length. His fifth a leg side long hop. Howard swiveled, made contact and then looked aghast as Paul at short fine leg held a fine catch, low to his left.

Finlay had the batsmen in all sorts of bother, visiting Captain Murphy, caught at short leg by Simmo and then Seril Shah, in his first innings of the season, and unusually high in the order at number 7 completely bamboozled by a leg break. 

Jesters, now not so reliant on the guesting contingent, began a recovery. Shaun Moss bowled leg spin from the Church End, the batsmen teased and tormented Tim House at extra cover by hitting, over, around and almost underneath him. Sensing that a wicket was due Shaun fielded the ball at Mid on, saw that both batsmen were at the bowler’s end and threw directly to the keeper. Run outs tend to come in clusters. Jesters were keen to prove the point. Anirudh shouted enthusiastically for a third, “that’s out!”. “No it isn’t, “ replied the umpire.

A late flourish took the score past 100, Williams and Mumby running a succession of 2s as the boundary seemed to get further and further away. Williams became the third person to be run out, this time a very good chase and throw by Shaun completed by Paul at the bowler’s end.

Paul himself picked up the final wicket as Jester’s innings finished at 126 all out.

Denise, with a little help from Simmo, he boiled and cracked the eggs, had prepared the second feast of the day. A slap – up selection of sandwiches, sausage rolls, strawberried scones and  lots of cakes allowed all the players and spectators  to eat their fill. Thanks Denise it was a terrific spread.

Starting the second innings, Middleton provided an extra fielder for Jesters. Jay Mumtaz who had been keeping out of the action in the field, was raring to go accompanying Anirudh Sharma. Jay waited for the short ball,  cracked a couple straight to the fielder, Anirudh looked for the full ball. The first 25 runs had been knocked off the target when Anirudh drove at mid-off. The substitute fielder was standing in the correct spot.

Jamie Lumb was the guest wicket keeper. Jay wafted at a ball wide of off stump. A noise; a confident appeal. Umpire Dipple says “not out”. The game moved on peacefully. Tim House was at number three, looking forward to a long innings and raring to go. Playing his first attacking shot, a drive to a full toss on the off stump, he realised mid flight that the  ball was heading in the direction of substitute fielder at mid off. The substitute fielder held on and Tim left for the pavilion somewhat in dismay, cursing his luck in words that would not be suitable for this report. Jay, having scored 26 was soon joining him back having chipped a gentler catch back to the bowler.

Shaun and Finlay were now batting together. One showing correct technique, well coached shots and clear and confident calling, the other was his father. But time at the crease pays off, and having ridden his luck Shaun began to score freely including one of the few boundaries in the innings. 

Hailing from North Walsham in Norfolk, Jesters bowler Short is a purveyor of slow, slow, left arm spin. Shaun was unable to pick the ball that went straight on. The umpire’s slow slow finger was raised. By now the afternoon had turned cloudless. The regular crew of supporters outside the pavilion was swelling and contented murmurs filled the air. 

Matt Dipple used the inside edge of his bat to pick up a number of singles as Finlay played a selection of more classy strokes. But both were to fall in quick succession. Matt playing a week too early to Short, and Finlay chipping back to Seril, who was now bowling for the Jesters. Seril showed no mercy.

Seril and Mark F-L combined to take the wicket of Arvin who contrived to use the back of his bat to hit a full toss to first slip leaving Jesters looking the most likely victors with the score at 81 – 7. MSCC had now at the crease the hobbled Mike Simpson, fetlock encased in surgical support, and the gouty captain. Running would be painful for both. Somehow they managed to run the innings only 3 among any number of gently strolled singles and the occasional 2.

Nick Mumby was the most likely of the Jester’s bowlers to make a break through, but the veteran duo in no mood to give wickets away marshalled the home to victory with three overs and three wickets to spare. Chris Greer did his usual excellent job in the scorebox while Andrew ensured all thirsts were suitably quenched.

Tim House, now with the steam from his ears a gentle hiss rather than a violent eruption busied himself on the barbeque in partnership with Rona.  Rona’s wraps are going down in MSCC legend, both chefs are legends already.

A very pleasant, sun filled evening of chatter about cricket, choral singing and characters from long ago completed a perfect day. Next week sees the annual club photo. It will take place at 12.55, if you can attend please do so. On the horizon is the club dinner and presentation evening. Details will be coming your way soon.

Jesters CC

Batting   R
Jesters CC total 0
Bowling O M R W
Jesters CC total0000

Reserves: 1. Paul Wordsworth 2. Stevyn Jackson 3. Robin Cummings 4. Shaun Moss


Chris Greer


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