Middleton Stoney Flag at half-mast

RIP Graeme Delaney

Graeme Delaney

The service for Graeme Delaney will take place at 2pm on Wednesday July 10th.

ALL are invited.

The service will be at 2pm at Middleton Stoney Church followed by a ‘Match Tea’ at the nearby Middleton Cricket Club pavilion, the club at which Graeme played many cricket matches.

It is with great sadness that I share the news of the passing of our former player, Graeme Delaney.

Graeme was the headmaster at Pattison School, part of the Chatsworth Schools group, where he was also Director of Education. He first played for Middleton Stoney in 2015.

Playing cricket alongside Graeme was a real privilege. He once returned from holiday and came to support us with his wife, Anita.

After discovering we only had 10 players, Graeme insisted on playing, and Anita went to fetch his whites to make sure we had 11.

That was typical of Graeme, who set a fine example on and off the field and was a great teammate and club member.

Graeme celebrated his 60th birthday at the club with a magnificent birthday/cricket tea, including champagne for all. Above all, I’ll always remember his fielding – throwing himself about like he was still in his twenties and showing those far younger than himself how it should be done.

Graeme was a man who gave his all, lived life to the fullest, and was incredibly proud of setting a high standard in everything he did. He will be deeply missed by everyone who knew him, and I, along with many others, feel fortunate to have shared some time with him on the cricket pitch.

Mark Ford-Langstaff