Pre-season clean up at Middleton Stoney Cricket Club

Pre-season Preparation: Your Club Needs You!

This Saturday (April 6th) is our annual pre-season preparation day. We need your help! There are lots of jobs to be done and the more of us there are, the quicker we will be done. Official start time is 11:30 but some people are starting earlier at around 10:00. Here’s a selection of the jobs that need doing:

  • Benches move outside ( already oiled and brasses polished).
  • Set out and tidy/clean inside pavilion
  • Clear leaves from guttering and toilet roof (ideally with a blower if anyone has one?)
  • Clean windows of pavilion inside/out
  • Take cover off scorebox
  • Move sight screens into position and clean as required
  • Layout boundary rope (it’s inside the scorebox)
  • Weed paved area in front of pavilion
  • Put the flag up
  • Put Parking /speeding signs on corner and along drive
  • Clear debris and mow grass in front of pavilion, with hand rotary mower. Wash/wipe down the toilet doors

And finally if there is anything else you notice needs doing, please just do it!

Please be advised by Willy regarding what is required on the playing area, and use the appropriate equipment carefully. Early season damage can take a long time to repair.

Both the Skipper and Chairman will not be around, we have put in our hours in the weeks leading up to this.

Thank you!
The Committee