MSCC won by 122 runs

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July 3, 2022 2:00 pm 2022

Match Report

That’s the wise thrush; he sings each song twice over, lest you should think he never could recapture the first fine careless rapture!

As the sun lowered westward behind the pavilion the mistle thrushes to the East and the song thrushes to the North continued to serenade the players. The Turdidaens were as carefree as the evening deserved, glorious blue skies and brilliant light flooding the ground as the smoke rose from the barbeque and the cricketers and spectators chattered of the day’s events over glasses of beer and wine.

Barton v Barton was one of the items high on the agenda. The librarians were one short and Eliot had agreed to play as a replacement. Rob, himself a late addition to the home team was keen to take family honours. Bodleian had asked for Middleton to bat first and Rob was delighted to accept the captain’s request to open the batting, which he did with Harry Way. Bodleian had a father and son pairing of opening bowlers, Shaws Snr and Jnr. Shaw Jnr was taller, longer of run up and follow through, Shaw Snr more experienced and wilier. Both made good starts with Way watchful and Barton avoiding the strike. Way was waiting for the bad ball, and when it came dispatching it ruthlessly, first a cover drive for four,  then a pull for six.  One slight mis-judgement undid Way, a loose drive outside the off stump found the edge, the ball homed in as if laser guided to the hands of first slip to give the younger Shaw a first victim and to provide the visitors with their highlight of the afternoon.

Robin Cummings and Sam Norley found themselves higher in the order than they usually bat, Robin dragged a wide ball onto his own stumps, Sam showed aggressive intent hitting one good shot through cover before missing a straight ball to be bowled.

Meanwhile Rob batted on gathering a single here and single there as he was joined by Zippy Stoop. High of back lift Zippy was in an aggressive mood, the somewhat stagnated run rate began to increase. Two sixes sent fielders and batsmen into the long grass to search for lost balls, the hundred was passed. The introduction of the falstaffian figure of Robinson was the only thing to cause the Middleton batters trouble. First Zippy was dropped at Mid off as Robinson’s deceptive lack of pace drew false shots. Then as his half century neared Zippy missed a wide ball and was stranded way down the wicket to be stumped for 49.

Rob remained trying to accelerate but the harder he tried the less far the ball travelled. Tim House had only attack on his mind and was very positive in his approach from the start, he had nearly equalled Rob’s score when Rob was dismissed for a Boycottian 24 caught by the bowler Robinson. Captain joined vice captain for the last half hour. Tim House’s cameo was abruptly ended when after lofting Robinson over midwicket for four he tried to repeat the shot, and he too was stumped. Mike Simpson joined Tim Riley. Both have played a number of games in their time and can safely be called experienced. In half an hour they added 60 runs, Mike breaking sweat a little more than his partner.

After tea, Asif and Seril took the new ball. Asif often bowls a peach of a delivery first ball. This time it was his inswinger which bamboozled the batter slapping into the pad of opener Burnett. Slips, keeper and bowler yelled in unison. Not out said the umpire, well bowled said the team. The younger Shaw was the second batter. Seril had just the delivery for him. A gentle long hop, bowled off Seril’s new go faster run up was patted toward cover. At cover Harry Way was loitering with intent. Running in he launched himself forward to a ball that was dying. Fingers wrapped under the ball he gleefully rose claiming a fine catch. The elder Shaw batted a three, he did slightly better than his son, lasting three balls before having no answer to Asif’s inswinger. Seril struck again his second over and the visitors were deep in the mire at 7 – 3 with extras providing the only boundary.

Sathya Vadivale had offered to take the gloves for the afternoon, the skipper had insisted that he stand up to the stumps. Little was to get past him but his moment of glory, a stumping off the bowling of Asif was denied by eagle eyed umpire Wordsworth. So quick were Sathya’s hands that he whipped off the bails before the batter lifted his back leg. Skipper Nealy, a left hander batted at 4 and Eliot had joined him at five. Eliot’s first ball has proved his undoing at least once already this season, it could easily have been twice. He drove at a half volley from Seril, made good contact but hit the ball at catchable height to Seril’s left. Leaping like a sockeye salmon Seril got both hands to the ball but could not hold on. Eliot breathed a huge sigh. Rob wiped a tear from his eye. Both batters began to settle the score reached 48. Eliot was facing Asif, towards the end of one his best spells for the club. He had saved his best ball for Eliot, a yorker pitched perfectly swinging in under the bat to dislodge the off stump.

Simmo loves to bowl at a left hander. The wicket was perfect for him offering generous turn and occasional bounce. Nealy was bemused, befuddled and be calmed. Maiden followed maiden. One catchable chance was spilt by Zippy in the gully. Robin Cummings took over from Asif at the farm end. His first 8 deliveries were well wide of the off stump. His ninth was straighter, fuller and much too good for the batter. Zippy made up for his missed catch with a safe hold at short leg, while Tim House held on to a second gentle chance giving Simmo a second wicket. As the visitors succumbed Zippy replaced Simmo and twice hit the stumps in his second over to complete a comprehensive victory.

Five different bowlers took two wickets apiece in pleasing symmetry. Many thanks to Chris for scoring and ball hunting, to Paul for umpiring and the many helpers behind the scenes who ensure the smooth running of each and every game.

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