MSCC won by 4 runs

Match Date & Time

Date Time Season
June 14, 2023 6:00 pm 2023

Match Report

This week our Wednesday visitors  were Oxford based Isis CC. Many of our opponents also have a fixture with Isis, a good indication that this should be a game played in the right spirit.  Messrs Wordsworth and Riley had prepared a new pitch for the game, with regular helpers Tim House and  Howard Lancaster setting out the flags, opening the pavilion, trimming the outfield and adjusting the boundary rope. Matt Dipple arrived  to shove a sightscreen through the long grass. 

The ten minute to six count up of players revealed that MSCC had nine on the ground. This in mind the captain decided that having won yet another toss, fielding first was the best option. A very perky Michael Simpson, fresh from wickets and runs for the county Over 60 XI, thought this wise.

Taking the field with ten players, one kindly offered by Isis as a guest fielder, was not ideal, but not unusual on a workday evening. Matt Dipple took the new ball. He tried bowling wide of the off stump, then even wider. The batter dabbed to third man and the game was underway. Tim House shared the new ball, he also bowled wide of the off stump, he was cut away for two boundaries. Isis had made a good start. 

Robin Cummings took over from Dipple to bowl the fifth over. Following on from the two openers he also bowled wide, but struggled in his first over to find the correct length. Isis passed 30 and a big total looked likely.  Tim House changed his line, arrowed in on leg stump and hit it.  Isis were one down. In Robin’s second over, visiting Captain Oliver Walter mispulled to the guest fielder, standing in the shade of the oak tree at mid on.  

The ball travelled slowly, what was going on in the mind of the sub? Any doubts were put aside as he held tight, Isis’s good start had been interrupted and momentum lost. Tim House finished his spell barely conceding an extra run, while Robin listening to the sage advice from veteran coach Simpson found a much better length and better rhythm. Robin’s best delivery beat bat and keeper to scoot away for boundary byes. Jamie Lumb made up with an excellent stumping from Robin’s next delivery.

Gentle spin from Tim Riley and Mike Simpson kept the scoring in control while wickets continued to fall. Simmo produced a beautiful, slow, flighted delivery that turned and nudged off a bail. Tim had a catch dropped at extra cover, but followed up next ball with a simple catch to Simmo at cover. Knowing that our friendly photographer was stationed on the boundary, Simmo writhed on the ground in the manner of Spanish footballer lightly touched on the edge of the penalty area. 

Howard Lancaster was busy in the field, he too showed off his footballing skills reeling in a boundary with the sole of his foot. Like a penalty taker shooting to the same side as the diving keeper, he missed a run out opportunity by throwing to the wrong end, the end where both batsman were standing. Matt Dipple was less forgiving, a sharp throw from short fine leg beating the despairing batter.

Matt Carpenter bowled two of the last three overs as Isis passed 100 in the search for late runs. A caught and bowled was spilt, understandable when Matt mentioned later that he had flown in overnight from Chicago and was still to sleep. It is much appreciated when someone makes such an effort to get to a fixture on time.

Isis completed the innings on 117, which on a warm and sunny evening and a decent pitch always looked around 20 runs short of par. Jamie and Matt Carpenter opened. Jamie punched his third ball in the air to cover, a regulation chance that was spilt. Seizing his second chance, Jamie took 10 runs from the next 2 balls and in no time was retiring on 30. Matt was never comfortable, finding every part of his bat except the middle. Howard nudged a single or two before looking to press on.  Matt nicked a wide ball and trudged off to sleep! Tim House found the middle of his bat  from the go, smashing one ball for four through mid off.

Tim’s nemesis is the very slow delivery. The very slow delivery he got out to is the type of delivery that haunts him. The shot he played will not be one he remembers late at night, sitting in the armchair with a cup of cocoa.

Howard tried to emulate Tim’s off drive. He found the middle, saw the ball speed to cover and relaxed knowing it was boundary bound. The very competitive Nick Wyatt hurled himself to his right and clutched a remarkable catch, Howard departed shaking his head in disbelief.

Stevyn Jackson was joined by Matt Dipple enjoying a rare chance up the order. Both started circumspectly. Soon they were scoring freely.  Matt rather more freely than Stevyn. With victory appearing on the horizon, as the sun was sinking behind it, Matt reached the retirement score with consecutive sixes. Stevyn was caught just in time for Simmo to show that he can  attempt to play a ramp shot.  Richard Lumb did dual duty as Umpire and Scorer, for which all the players are in his debt.

A convincing victory made the beer and bbq taste all the better. Tim House and Rona had the bbq timed to perfection, Andrew and Howard ensured that the bar was a well lubricated operation. Isis stayed and chatted in the falling light, a team that is a pleasure to host and play against. 

As a reminder to all players, teams are published weeks in advance on the website. If there is a change to your availability for whatever reason, please let Mark Ford-Langstaff know so that we have a chance to find a replacement. July selection is imminent, having your name on the tea rota is the best way of guaranteeing selection, please ensure that your name is there at least once.

Bowling O M R W
Matt Dipple2050
Tim House40251
Robin Cummings40272
Tim Riley40202
Mike Simpson40202
Matt Carpenter20150

Isis CC

Batting   R
Isis CC total1020
Bowling O M R W


Richard LumbRichard LumbRona Hickman
Tim House


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